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Member Profile:  Paul Herring



PCH Financial



We deliver advice on financially protecting your life, your income, your family and your savings.




About us


We've developed the LEAP Concept. This means we Listen, Evaluate, Advise, and if needed recommend a Procedure. Above all, we LISTEN and only after going through all of the other component parts of the concept will we suggest a solution. There isn't always a solution. 


Contact us



07 3814 3815




0422 885 349





Springfield, Queensland, Australia



Don't hide your light under a bushelÖí

BUSINESS philosophers have said it enough times to make you feel itís their mantra. Whatís that? Marketing is the single most important discipline in business. 

Marketing isnít just about getting your product or service into the clientís hands. Itís infinitely more than that. Itís about how you plan to advertise your product, how you present it, how you deliver it, and how you explain to the user the way it works before the sale. Yet thereís one more thing. 

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