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Pint-sized Entrepreneurs

As the excitement of school children builds to super-charged levels as they prepare to shift gears and fly into summertime, there has never been a better time for students to let their entrepreneurial wings catch the wind and soar.

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Kids Nutrition Program 


Getting kids to eat healthy can be a struggle sometimes. But, as Kimberly Van Scoy reports, a local program is getting them excited about nutrition.




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Pleasing the picky eater   Keep Your Child's Sugar Intake to a Mimimum   What is 7-a-day?

It's a lot easier to cope with a picky eater when you understand why he is being so particular. Here are some reasons why your child might be the finicky foodie of the block:


Obviously, it's going to be hard to cut out high-glycemic sugars altogether, but there are a couple of easy steps you can take to dramatically reduce your child's sugar intake:


A balanced diet, which includes at least seven serves of fruit and vegetables a day, may help reduce the incidence of certain types of cancer and heart disease.


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Kids in the Kitchen

Make crystallised oranges




Ed's Portugese Style Barbecue Chicken

It's worth waiting overnight for this spicy chicken dish!